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I come from a life with an early love for radio and music. Raised in Birmingham, Alabama in an area called Fairfield, I had a chance to experience music by singing in a garage band, attending our neighborhood singing group (The Soul Controllers aka The Controllers) rehearsals occasionally, and singing in the church and school choirs and always listening to the radio. When I graduated high school, the Navy’s slogan was “Join the Navy, see the world”. So, two weeks after graduation, I was out in the world on my own.

At my NAS Patuxent River duty station, I had my yearning for radio revived by being the voice for the Naval base news reports on the local radio stations. I experienced the audition process with Columbia School of Broadcasting by preparing an application demo including voicing (the News, Sports, Weather, and a product commercial). Passed the audition only to learn, that I couldn’t afford the tuition to continue. Radio life on hold…

After the Navy real life kicked in, I worked in the Nuclear Power industry and served the government again (DON), as a civil servant. My forty-three years of work experience allowed me several opportunities to develop and present training using various methods and mediums from, instructor-led to voicing for computer-based learning.

As I transitioned into retirement, my training and work experiences have encouraged me to make a living with my voice and remember my love of radio. So, I decided to return to what I love and launch my voice acting career and my voice-over services company by being professionally trained.

My deep, friendly, soothing voice tones are very suitable for commercials, narrations and audio books. The presence and power of my voice also works well for Radio imaging, movie trailers, public service announcements (PSAs), Political PSAs, documentaries and certain characters for my voice type. 

Being a retiree, better enables me to turn around most projects quickly within 24-48 hours, depending on project size. I would love to voice your project. I can be available to support/participate in live directed sessions via Skype, IPDTL, ISDN, or phone patch.

I’m located in Selma, Alabama where I have a professional recording studio in my home; My equipment includes Focusrite pre-amp, a Scarlett Studio mic and I use the Audacity recording software.

If you are looking for “the voice” that appeals to a wide range of listeners, Victor Thomas is here, for you.

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